Start Up

Start up is an opportunities center for young adults aged 18-35.  The center works for the empowerment of young adults in the region, both veteran Israelis and new immigrants, in the spheres of employment, education and social involvement.


Higher education:

The current reality for young people is dynamic, changing, and offers countless options for personal and professional development.  Such being the case, it is necessary to invest serious thought into choosing one's best profession in accordance with one's potential.  Higher education represents the opening shot in the path to career development and opens the door to the employment world.  Today, more and more young adults understand the huge importance of higher education and of choosing a profession that is most correct and appropriate for the individual.  The Start Up Center offers a variety of services that include advice, guidance, information and assorted benefits in this area.  Services include: personal counseling in choosing a profession, scholarships, help with psychometric exams, completing/improving high school final matriculation grades, dealing with learning disabilities and more.


Employment and entrepreneurship:

This is a broad area that comprises endless possibilities.  We invite you to come in and receive counseling and accompaniment in career development aimed at fulfilling your employment potential; advice in writing résumés; ideas for expanding methods and tools for finding a job; in-depth assistance in preparing for a job interview/evaluation center; and an introduction to the world of entrepreneurship in the city.  In addition to private counseling, the Center offers employment workshops in a variety of topic such as: first steps in entrepreneurship; preferred work for released soldiers including knowledge of their rights; choosing a profession; preparing for interviews and more…

In the sphere of employment, we place great emphasis on cooperation with various entities in the city in order to supply a precise and total response especially for you.



Start Up's immigrant section places special emphasis on optimal integration of immigrants in Israeli society and in all life spheres in general.  Start Up provides holistic services, advice and guidance to young immigrants in a variety of core areas: employment, higher education, social involvement, fully exercising one's rights, and first steps in Israel.  Additionally, the section operates a variety of programs and offers more than 200 counseling sessions during the year for the benefit of immigrants.  Furthermore, dozens of young people are taking part in the 'Pitput' project for Hebrew language improvement as well as a diversity of activities offered in this framework.

Urban-community development:

At the Start Up Center, our philosophy of Social Involvement is interwoven in all areas of activity and is an area in itself.

Start Up Center supplies young people with numerous tools for self-development.  When such tools are combined with social involvement, an individual is able to enjoy an empowering experience in which he/she both gives and receives.

The area of urban-community development offers young people the chance to belong to a leadership group, fulfill dreams of social-community-cultural initiatives in Beer-Sheva and the Negev, volunteer in the community and more…

Start Up Your Career:

Start Up Your Career is a personalized program for promoting suitable employment among young Ethiopian-Israelis.

The program consists of two tracks:

Academic – accompanying academics in finding employment that matches their qualifications.

Vocational training – accompanying young people interested in certificate studies / vocational training so as to integrate into the job world in accordance with their aptitudes.

We have diverse and creative tools for supplying a response to young people who take part in the program: personal-professional coaching as a central tool of guidance, grants for vocational training / courses, contacts with employers, mentors from different domains, participation in salaries together with employers, and internships.


Start Up for Success:

It is evident among young people of the Ethiopian community that it's difficult for them to integrate into the world of higher education and employment.

The goal of "Startup to Success" is to increase the number of Ethiopian-Israeli students enrolled in academia and ensure the successful completion of an academic degree. 

This endeavor is founded on the philosophy that academic studies leverage prospects for apt integration into society and finding suitable employment.

The program provides a system of support adapted to the needs of students. In the current academic year, 140 students are participating in the program.


Leading for success:

The Leading for Success program offers accompaniment for individuals eligible for the 'Preparatory Course' program of the Foundation for the Encouragement of Higher Education—under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense.  The Law for the Encouragement of Higher Education in the Periphery grants a special bonus to such eligible individuals.  The bonus includes, among other things: full funding of the preparatory year, 50% funding of tuition for each year of program studies, supplementary lessons, and personal accompaniment.  The bonus is intended for released soldiers beginning their academic paths via a preparatory year.

Conect us:

Address: Hashalom 16 street, community center named Monteal, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Email: sherut1@startup7.org.il

Phone: 08-6650840

Days and hours of operation: sunday- Wednesday 10:00-18:00